Thelma Ramlagan It was a blessing to have met Swami Tirtha in Tobago via word-of-mouth. Swami's Vedic astrology reading was and eye opener and helped both my daughter and myself find our Life's purpose, and he guided us in the way that is our soul-path. Swami Tirtha's peaceful demeanor, knowledge and wisdom as well as the easy accessibility through Skype/email etc makes his council available to anyone anywhere in the world."
Sharon Rumenapp I met Swamiji through my son. Swamiji has given me areading while attending a group gathering. He talked about possibilities for me in being a healer, which resonated with me. He has also been very accurate in predicting the weather patterns with astrology. I know that Swamiji had sone some healing work that benefited others.
Diana Friedell - Psychic Medium, Healer, Minister Swamiji is kind, intuitive, and very wise. He is knowledgeable about many subjects and is a patient, effective teacher and coach. He did a Business Astrology Reading for me that was accurate, empowering and insightful. It has helped me to fine tune the most effective direction for my business and to combine my creative gifts and passions with my future career direction.
Subhamoy Das , Hinduism Expert Author Swamiji is one of the foremost authorities of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology in the United States. He is an enlightened man and has a healing effect on all that gets his blessings. I have experienced immense peace, prosperity and well-being through Swamiji's advice and guidance.
Deborah H. I went to visit Swami Tirtha in the early 90's for a Vedic Astrology reading. I still refer to that reading today 23 years later, and can attest to it's accuracy. Swami is sweet and compassionate and it's very easy to feel comfortable, open and honest in his presence. There is no judgement and you can tell he is being guided by the Highest Self. I reconnected again with him last year here in Upstate NY for a refresher, tune-up session and highly recommend his intuitive abilities. Very grateful, Om Shanti,
requested anonymity I had a 15 minute breakthrough session with Swamiji for romantic blocks that came as a result of my husbands long illness leading to his death. And I felt instant and complete release and relief during the session. I was ready and willing to be open for the breakthrough. Once I opened myself for giving and receiving love from a man other than my husband, I was ready to find out where in the world I could find my true love. Swamiji then gave me the 'love location' astrology reading. And the best location for me, to my surprise, is right in the town where I live. Ironically enough, I just met a man where there is a mutual interest in getting to know each other. And I'm ready now! Thanks Swamiji!

  • "It is the joy of my life to to help you discover your happiness, purpose, love, and career success." — Swami Sadashiva Tirtha (Swamiji)